4 ways writing is like a workout

Creativity is like a muscle: it helps you do things, make things, and get things done.

And if creativity is a muscle, then writing is basically exercise.

Let’s explore that idea a little more:

The more you do it, the easier it gets

When you first start writing — be it for the first time or simply after taking a break — it can be hard. Starting a new project can be super daunting. Where do you start? How do you get the juices flowing? How do you stay motivated? Starting a new exercise routine feels pretty much the same way; intimidating and even painful. But the good news is, when you stick with it — build a routine and create a habit of it — it does get easier.

You get stronger, too

Pushing through the resistance and sticking with writing even when it’s hard does the same thing for your craft as keeping up with an exercise routine does for your muscles: it makes you stronger. Sure, you won‘t see any physical gains from prolonged word sprints, but you should notice improvements to your way with words. Not only will writing get easier, but you’ll get better at it too.

It’s good for you

We all know working on your fitness has a plethora of health benefits. But writing has a lot to offer your overall well-being too. Whether it’s journaling or creative writing, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) can have a positive impact on everything from our mental to physical health. Some notable benefits include improved memory capacity, reduced blood pressure, and even better sleep.

If you don‘t use it, you lose it

No matter how fit you are, if you don’t maintain your workout regimen, you’ll undoubtedly lose some of your progress. While you won’t forget how to write if you don’t do it regularly (One tip: try journaling!), you may find it challenging to get back into it after an extended break. Sometimes you need to step away from your craft, and that’s okay! Just understand that getting back into the swing of things might not quite as easily as they once did – for a little while. Just like physical exercise, getting back into the habit of writing just takes a bit of time and dedication.

Like any muscle, your creativity works best when you nurture and develop it. Art, music, and — of course — writing can all help strengthen it. So build your routine, put in those reps, and work it out!

What are your favourite ways to workout your creative muscle? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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