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“Say what you mean. Say what you see. Make a photograph, if you can, for the reader.” – Stephen King

The art of showing vs telling can be challenging, even for veteran writers. Millie Schmidt, author of the writing blog The Cat’s Write, recently posted about the moment she truly understood the difference between the two concepts. Check it out below!

Back in June, I attended a NEWC writing workshop called ‘Kiss and Kill’, presented by Australian crime author, Bronwyn Parry (who writes romantic suspense novels). For the workshop, we needed to bring along a crime-related short or novel, so I decided to bring along my WIP, a crime novel about a struggling writer called Violet […]

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  1. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I still feel a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to figure it out! Haha

    1. Sara Harms says:

      Don’t be! I’m in a program called the The Writer’s Studio and show vs tell was the very first element of craft we had to work on. It’s always tricky!

      1. Sara Harms says:

        I didn’t clarify what I meant by that lol. It was the first thing we had to work on because every single one of us had problems with it in our program submission pieces.

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