2019 Fiction Writer’s Survey

The Fiction Writer’s Survey is open to fiction writers of all levels of experience and backgrounds, and will be open until February 28th, 2019. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and then share with with your writing friends!

3 tips for aspiring food writers

From recipes to restaurant reviews, here are 3 things foodies need to keep in mind when writing about food and drink for articles, blogs, and social media.

So you failed NaNoWriMo. Now what?

Not winning NaNoWriMo isn’t always a bad thing. Here are a few reasons writers shouldn’t let failing at National Novel Writing Month get them down.

How to show, not tell — The Cat’s Write

“Say what you mean. Say what you see. Make a photograph, if you can, for the reader.” – Stephen King The art of showing vs telling can be challenging, even for veteran writers. Millie Schmidt, author of the writing blog The Cat’s Write, recently posted about the moment she truly understood the difference between the…